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Pulling Your Weight
Literally carrying yourself around.
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Do We Have This One?? I looked for it but couldn't find it. Probably Up for Grabs since I seldom come here anymore.

Many people can lift more than their own weight. You're probably one of them. So do you suppose you could levitate by grabbing yourself by the pants and lifting yourself up? Go on, try it. I'll wait.

Alright, now that you've made a fool out of yourself with that oh-so-hilarious faceplant, let me explain why it didn't work. Due to Newton's third law, if you want to move yourself in any direction, you have to exert a force in the opposite direction against something that's not coming along for the ride. Lifting yourself doesn't get you anywhere because there's no force exerted against anything external.

A subtrope of Artistic License Physics. May or may not be related to Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress.


  • In the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax, this is how the titular character makes his final departure.

  • This fallacy is one of the most common exploited in troll science.
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