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Boss Warning Siren
A warning siren plays before a Boss Battle.
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In some video games, before you fight a boss, the screen will start flashing red while the word WARNING! flashes up on the screen as the stage music fades out or stops abruptly. Sometimes, it could be a visual warning or an audio warning; it doesn't necessarily have to be both. In anycase, this lets the player know that they're about to face off against a more powerful foe.

May overlap with Boss Subtitles. Related to Fight Woosh and Red Alert. See also Suspicious Videogame Generosity.



[[folder:Action Adventure]]
  • Blaster Master has boss rooms that do this without the text message.

[[folder:Beat 'em Up]] [[/folder]]

  • The Super Smash Bros. series generally had a klaxon of some sort for Bonus Character battles.
  • The Mega Man Zero example below also carries over to SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, where the klaxons sound whenever Zero is about to confront any of the bosses, including Shin Akuma and Serious Mr. Karate in the boss-battles, but not against any normally playable characters.

[[folder:First-Person Shooter]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Miscellaneous Games]]
  • All WarioWare titles have a sound clip whenever a boss stage is coming up next and will linger on the screen between microgames 8 beats longer than normal. There will usually (but not always) be an on-screen message telling you you're about to encounter the boss. Said sound clip varies from game to game, but WarioWare: Smooth Moves's sounds particularly like a klaxon played to a beat.

  • Mega Man:
    • The Mega Man X series has this starting from the fourth game, just before the boss appeared on screen and monologued with the player character. It was carried over to the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series as well, although in those cases it happened just before the fight begins after the boss's monologue.
    • The Mega Man 1 remake Mega Man Powered Up also had this, despite not being present in the other games from the classic series.
  • I Wanna Be the Guy, parodying Ikaruga, provides a warning when Mecha Birdo is entering the room.
  • In Magical Doropie, Boss Only Levels are herald with a screen saying "ALERT!!" in big letters on a black screen flashing red. The player then appears in the level while the boss makes its entrance. When the boss's entrance is finished, a "Data File" on the boss appears, listing its name, health, strengh, speed, damage and special ability. However, in the final stage, none of the final three bosses have any alert screens or data profiles, although the siren is still heard while the final boss is materialising.
  • Metal Storm flashes "RED ALERT!" when the player is about to fight the level boss. Does not apply to the Boss Rush at the end, however.
  • VVVVVV has a screen named "The Warning". One tunnel, no spikes, eight checkpoints in a row. It leads into one of the hardest sections of the game.
  • Justified in Sonic Adventure 2's boss fight against the Flying Dog. In the cutscene preceding the battle, Rouge is caught sneaking into a maximum-security vault and triggers an alarm that alerts the boss to her presence.
  • In Run Saber, normally an arrow appears at the top of the screen showing you which way to procede through the stage. However, when a boss is encountered, an ALERT! icon blinks there instead.

[[folder:Shoot'em Up]]
  • Darius has "A huge battleship is approaching fast!" in most (if not all) of its titles to herald the arrival of its various fish-inspired bosses.
  • Radiant Silvergun has the entire screen taken over with the word "WARNING", as well as the warning "NO REFUGE" and the memetic "BE ATTITUDE FOR GAINS" prior to every boss fight.
  • Ikaruga, the spritual successor to Radiant Silvergun, had a similar message: "WARNING: The big enemy is approaching at full throttle. According to the data, it is identified as <boss name>. NO REFUGE".
  • In Star Fox 1, almost all boss battles were announced by a short voice clip of "incoming enemy". As this was invariably near the end of each level, it occured while the level music was fading out to be replaced with the boss battle music.
  • Warning Forever does this despite being a Boss Only Game, also giving you its name and a brief chart on its weaponry.
  • Einhänder gives a warning that is themed into the level. For example, in the first level, after fighting your way through the city, the police decide that they can't take you down, so they follow behind you like a low speed chase, keeping their sirens going while they basically escort you right towards the first boss. Following bosses might have klaxons sounding off to indicate that the boss is powering up and becoming mechanically operational, or have someone over a PA system order for another boss to scramble and prepare for battle.
  • In Thunder Force IV, a siren sounds when a boss battle is about to begin.
  • In Heavy Weapon this occurs with the Danger! Danger! in bold letters once you get to the end of the stage.
  • In Subterranean Animism, Utsuho Reiuji, the nuclear-powered Hell raven girl and final boss of the game, has the distinction of prefixing each of her spell cards with klaxons while the text '☢ Caution !!☢' flares on-screen.
  • In the old arcade game Time Pilot, a loud warning will sound before the boss shows up on any given level.
  • In Beat Hazard, a warning sound is played when a boss is about to enter the screen.
  • At one point in Fantastic Journey, the player encounters the Moai Battleship, with its placement randomly determined inbetween two of the regular stages. When the player is about to encounter it after clearing one of the stages, its own music theme plays instead of the chosen player character's theme and the message WARNING flashes on the screen.
  • Axelay has an audible warning siren when approaching a stage boss.

[[folder:Survival Horror]]
  • In the Silent Hill franchise, an air raid siren sounds just before the town shifts from fogbound to otherworld.
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