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Do We Have This One??

I did some searching but nothing came up that seems to fit.

Mom is missing.

We may or may not know what happened to her, but Dad seems to have raised this son or daughter [or multiple children] on his own. And mom's absence is either ignored altogether, or her absence is a significant factor in the life of the remaining family. Happens most frequently in animated series, but other media are not immune.


  • Psych: Shawn Spencer's mother is absent, but we find out from a
bitter remark on Henry's part that she left.
  • Starman [the TV series]: We know Jenny Hayden freaked out shortly after
birthing her half-alien child and ran off. title.
  • Family Affair: another dead mother, I believe.
  • Diff'rentStrokes: another dead mother, I believe.

Disney movies are rife with this.
  • The Little Mermaid: No mother for Ariel. No mention of what became of her.
  • Cinderella: Mother is dead, hence the stepmother.
  • Beauty and the Beast: I don't recall if there was any mention of what
happened to Maurice's wife.
  • Aladdin: Nor do I recall if there was any mention of what happened to
the Sultan's wife.
  • Enchanted: Morgan's mother left. We had the explanation, and it was significant.

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Subverted, in that Katara's mother was killed by
the Fire Nation. Then her dad left to go fight the war, leaving her to be raised by her Gran-Gran.
  • The crippled faux Airbender also lost his mother, leaving his
Mad Scientist father to raise him.
  • Rocket Power: The first Mrs. Raymundo Rocket is dead.
  • Rugrats: Chuckie's birth mother is ...you know, I'm not sure if she's
dead or just out of the picture. had believed to be dead is alive, but has amnesia. Inverted, in that it's their father who actually is the one genuinely missing because he's dead. is family of some sort in Hong Kong, but we don't know if it's one or both parents.
  • Oban Star-Racers: Eva is abandoned to boarding school by the death of her
mother in a particularly extreme example.
  • Cowboy Bebop: Radical Edward/Francoise has a father, but no mother. And
her father's no prize either.

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