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Major Injury, Minor Pain
A severe injury is treated as inconsequential with no reason or explanation
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Editors Note: Please understand that the stipulations applied to Made of Iron on this page will only apply if this trope is found Tropeworthy and launched.

These stipulations were created as if MIMP goes legit, several MOI examples will instead be considered examples of MIMP.

No matter how severe the wound/injuries location or how much blood is lost, the person will not give any indication of a wound causing pain (or any physical/emotional symptoms for that matter) besides the occasional wince.


If the work gives or implies a reason why the injury is of such little importance and beneath the notice of the character, no matter how ridiculous the given explanation may be , THIS. TROPE. DOES. NOT. APPLY.

As with most other tropes,MIMP can obviously be lampshaded, however due to MIMP's strict rule of only existing when the odd behavior goes unnoticed, this trope can never be both lampshaded and played straight , this incompatibility is rooted in that as soon as the Lampshade Hanging is applied, the reason for injury being blown off as nothing can be simply and effectively argued as s Rule of Funny. Because, remember no matter how ridiculous the explanation is, if a reason is given this trope is dead.

Discrepancies Between Made of Iron and Major Injury Minor Pain

This trope can be VERY similar to Made of Iron and it is easy to apply both tropes to the other one incorrectly, this is especially true for those rare, most often new, Tropers that apply a trope whilst being unfamiliar with the character that seemingly invoked said trope.

The differences in the two tropes are listed below.

Made of Iron - For a character to be MOI rather than an example of, MIMP, the character generally has either; shown examples of high willpower and/or physical toughness before or since the injury where they first showed him/herself to be a Man/Woman of Iron.


A character that has not shown signs of high willpower or physical toughness can be MOI, but the difference in the character's sudden willpower and/or toughness must generally be acknowledged by the work in some manner, either at the time of the "injury", or, revealing later on that the moment was in fact an instance of Made of Iron [[note]] If the MOI is given support later on in the story then the Major Injury Minor Pain Trope may have very well been already applied to the character innocently [[/note]]

Major Injury Minor Pain - For the trope to be MIMP over Made of Iron the character that was wounded must have never shown any exceptional willpower and/or high degrees of toughness either before the injury or after, the lack of emotion/observable pain must NOT be realized in-universe, pointed out to the audience in some way by the work itself, or lampshaded by the works creators. If this instance is ever acknowledged this trope will no longer apply. If this instance is made into a trait of the character it becomes Made of Iron.

MIMP can be confused with other pain tropes as well, though not often to the degree of MOI and MIMPS.

For Instance wounds that are, Only a Flesh Wound, can be treated similarly to this, however the Major Injury of this trope is not always in a part of the body considered to be unimportant and if the wound's location is why the injury is downplayed then it is firmly in This is only a flesh wound territory.

Please note the trope has a strict code when applied to a work.

No Matter how Ridiculous, if any explanation is given for the wound to have been paid no mind then

Since I have not seen anyone say this exists yet (Most YKTTW are called out by this point if they already exist) I am going to go ahead and list some examples.


  • Reservoir Dogs - The Trope Identifying Aversion, where Mr. Orange is in the back seat of a car moaning and screaming in agony in reaction to the pain of his VERY BLOODY gutshot wound.
  • Hot Fuzz - Another aversion. Butterman ask Angel how does it feel being stabbed, obviously considering that Angel was stabbed as Rule of Cool as having seen this Trope played straight in many of his cop movies and most likely not noticing the trope, doesn't really know what he is talking about when it comes to reality. Angel sets him straight.

Butterman: (scoots chair closer, leans in toward Nick) "What's it like being stabbed?"
Angel: (looks at Danny) "It was the single most painful experience of my life"
  • This is really of note as Angel is quite the Badass British and it is obvious he is experiencing emotional trauma just thinking about the pain the stabbing caused. Danny does not seem to take note of how serious Nick is though, based on the fact that he asks "What was the second most painful" not a second after Angel stops speaking.

  • Timothy Dalton's character Skinner suffers a HORRIFIC injury and whimpers pitifully that "really hurts".

Live-Action TV

  • M*A*S*H- In one episode a Turk and a Greek soldier are both at the 4077th at the same time, trying to out-stoic one another, refusing anesthetic.
    Turkish soldier:What's this?
    Charles [I think]: Something to kill the pain while I fix your leg.
    Turkish Soldier: I am Turk. I not need that.
    Greek Soldier: Turk has no need. Greek no need.
    • The Turkish soldier may be an example of this trope, the Greek soldier however is more of an example of Macho Masochism, as he is letting himself be in pain (He might as well have stabbed himself, he is choosing pain over comfort either way)to prove he is just as strong as the Turkish soldier.
      • Though the use of another Pain Trope immediately following the Turk's line which is a possible example of MIMP., sheds doubt on whether or not the Turk showing a genuine Minor Pain Major Injury or is, like the Greek, simply trying to be macho, as this trope generally only applies if the writers/directors do not state/imply any reason for the lack of response to the pain, which they do here with the Greek soldier. However the Turk's response to his pain could still be a straight example of MIMP. with writers/directors not realizing or understanding the level of pain the person with his wound would be in.
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