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Simple Bathtub Scenes meant mostly for Fanservice
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One of the most simple forms of Fanservice is having an attractive female or male spend a small amount of screen time in the tub. Many films usually use this as an easy excuse for nudity. Even though they are not very necessary, Bathtub scenes usually seem to sneak their way into many forms of media even though they are most of the time unnecessary to the plot.

When bubble bath is involved Censor Suds usually come in.


  • Blair from Soul Eater first appears in a bubbly bathtub scene in which Soul lands in her bathtub during the first episode.
    • Blair has another one in episode 4.
    • Tsubaki has one in a wooden bathtub in episode 14.
  • The movie Slither has one which is used a lot as promotion for the movie (being the only reason to see it).
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