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Glowing Grenade
Video game grenades glow to alert the player.
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In video games, there is a common tendency to make grenades inexplicably glow. The sole purpose of this is to alert the player, since grenades usually do a lot of damage or instantly kill. This is an acceptable break form reality, since it is usually made to not seem out-of-place. This is sometimes seemingly-justified by being in a sci-fi setting, but it still doesn't make sense from a tactical standpoint. In real life, a glowing light on a grenade would defeat the purpose of it as a lethal weapon.

Feel free to add examples.


  • The Combine's grenades in Half-Life 2 are actually MK3A2 grenades, but come with red light that blinks (and chirps) when thrown.
  • Thermal Detonators in the Star Wars: Battlefront series glow red when thrown.
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