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Shoulders-up Nudity
Nudity is implied, but not shown, by showing characters from the shoulders up.
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Do We Have This One?? Up for Grabs Many times when a character is supposedly naked, a female will only be shown from the shoulders-up. A male character in a similar situation might be shown from the waist-up, though this is not as common.

A very common trope in soap and shampoo commercials.

The level of titillation by this trope may vary. A soap commercial might be considered innocent, while, for example a scene involving multiple girls in a locker-room shower might border on fanservice. More so if the scene is mixed-gender.

This trope can be easily subverted by a later camera shot that reveals a modesty towel, or for that matter a tube top, a strapless bikini, etc.

Compare to, and sometimes combined with, Toplessness from the Back

The trope codifier is the opening sequence to Petticoat Junction, where the 3 women are visible from the shoulders-up while skinny dipping in the water tank. This was apparently subverted by an episode that actually showed the girls swimming in the tank wearing swimsuits, but those suits had straps.

Played with in this soap commercial, especially when the camera pans downward at 0:05

Invoked at the beginning of an episode of Grey's Anatomy that immediately followed a Super Bowl.

Still photos with this trope are sometimes used as individual contestant pics in beauty pageants, or in hairstyle pics in fashion magazines; the latter is presumably so clothes won't distract. YMMV on the level of titillation.
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