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LTR - How about the fact that in action series/computer games, your character or the hero has the ability to drive any vehicle they come accross? Sure, we all can be expected to drive about any car or light truck out there, since the controls are more or less standardized, but beyond that realm, most earth-bound vehicles require some specialized training or familiarity with their controls to drive. Things like bulldozers, tanks, tractor trailers, railroad locomotives, etc. would probably leave an inexperienced person at a loss to use if you dropped them behind the controls in an emergency situation and told them to "get us out of here!" Yet time after time, characters just take off as if they'd gotten behind the wheel of a Ford Taurus.

Sometimes the character fails bad at it and wrecks seconds later, protesting "I told you I don't know how to drive one of these!" or else you get a I Know Mortal Kombat, I Know Kung-Fu or You Never Asked answer as to why they don't crash.

Writers seem to exempt aircraft from this, with the dramatic "Can anyone here fly a plane?" when the original pilots get incapacitated, but everything else out there seems to be fair game as long as the keys are in it.....
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