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Where-in a mother mistakes a doll for her child
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Also known as Soryu Syndrome. This trope is when a mother,in a delusion, thinks that a doll is her child. It can be cause by guilt due to Parental Abandonment, trauma, or cause by Artificial means. But no matter the means the end result is that mother treats a doll as their child. This usually results in whenever the real child interacts with their mother they treat them as an imposter to take the place of their child for added irony and sadness. The best case scenario is that they are so wrapped up that they don't even realize that their real child is standing in front of them and thinks that they are a stranger. Can involve The Doll Episode Example that involve Artifical Humans and Replacement Goldfish are different as the original child is still alive. Also being a Living Doll Collector is not this.

Examples included:
  • The trope namer is Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion After the contact experiment with Unit 02 this fractured her psyche and lead to her believing that dolls was Asuka. However due to her psychotic nature she decapitated at least one of the dolls and then committed a 'murder-suicide' with another. Of which a young Asuka was the first to discover such a scene.
  • In Familiar Of Zero Tabitha's mother drank a spike drink meant for Tabitha, who is actually the next in line for the Galian throne. This resulted in her losing her mind and thinking that Tabitha's childhood doll was Tabitha and that her daughter was imposter sent to replace the doll. This leads to Tabitha leaving and adopting the name of her doll. Tabitha.
  • In Tales of Symphonia Raine's mother has Soryu Syndrome due to the guilt of sending her and her brother Genius through the Otherwordly Gate and not being able to go through too. Also the lost of her husband (a human) didn't help. This results in her living in a house on Exile talking to a doll as if it was a five year old Raine. The problem is that a now fully grown Raine is trying to get her to realize she is her daughter. Unlike the other examples she isn't hostile to real Raine and is friendly but still doesn't recognize her as her daughter.
  • Joy from Psychoville has a doll called "Freddie" that she is convinced is her real child. She even steals blood from the hospital where she works to give Freddie transfusions.
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