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Pie Charts Are Boring
A pie chart is a staple in boring presentations, usually business related
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Business presentations are boring. To show how boring they are, many of these presentations will contain pie charts. A common parody is the chart being displayed in shades of gray (instead of colors), and the presenter assigning names to the different shades to explain what they indicate.

Pie charts are a Discredited Trope in real presentations, due to their inability to display exact information. While they can show proportions, this isn't as useful as the numbers that bar and line graphs can show.


  • A commercial for Staples' printing services has a presenter using a gray pie chart because they couldn't find/afford a color printing service.
  • PC uses a gray pie chart in a Get A Mac ad to represent time spent doing different activities on a vacation.

Live-Action TV
  • Malcolm in the Middle. Hal gives a presentation about his job to Dewey's class on career day, and he starts with the pie charts.

Video Games
  • In the fourth entry in Tropico series, the capitalist representative will frequently mention charts he wants you to look over. When your economy is shrinking, he specifically mentions the pie-chart.
    Antonio Lopez: Take a look at these charts Presidente. The pie-shaped one is my favorite.

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