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Instant Mount
A mount in a video game that you can summon.
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Videogames can be very large one way to get across them is a Mount.

Mounts in Video Games come in three flavors Static Mount [1] (which do not move unless you are already on them) (Future YKTTW) Power-Up Mount (Currently named The Yoshi rename inc) and the summonable mount, this is the latter.

You can summon said mount in a variety of ways, a Holler Button, Summon Magic, use of an item, or just getting on a pet
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  • Various Legend of Zelda games have you summon Epona
  • Wo W before patch 2.0 mounts were summoned via items kept in your inventory. Post 2.0 those items taught spells to summon one. There are well over 100 different mounts and Achievements to Gotta Catch Them All.
  • Dynasty Warriors 5 and up give you a whistle button to summon their mount which can be recieved by equiping a saddle item or Hijack one off some other officer.
  • Pokémon the fly and surf skill can instantly make one of your Mons into a makeshift mount. This becomes humorous when the Pokemon in question is actually smaller than the protagonist.
    • As well as receiving a bike midway though your adventure Really handy with the Quick Select function.
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