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Anachronistic Swordsman
A character who wields a sword as their usual weapon, even in settings where swords are wouldn't be.
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In fiction, the swordsman is a standard trope, which is understandable. Afterall, Heroes Prefer Swords and Katanas Are Just Better. Unfortunately, in a modern or future setting, this would seem odd, as swordsmen would be heavily obsolete. Likewise in a setting in the distant past, before the advent of the sword.

That's where the Anachronistic Swordsman comes in.

The swordsman may be a regular guy in the modern world who just happens to fight with a sword, a sci fi vagrant with a high tech laser blade or a warrior of justice who fights evil warlocks with a magical sword. Basically, a swordsman in a setting where there shouldn't be swordsmen.

Subtrope of No Such Thing As A Deprecated Weapon (note: still in YKTTW) and Heroes Prefer Swords.
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