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Complete Scoundrel

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So, you know about the Complete Monster, but who is this Complete Scoundrel you ask? Well he is the "stealthy guy" listed under Personality Powers and he is the "Thief" in the Fighter, Mage, Thief dynamic.

He is also similar to, and often overlaps with, the Loveable Rogue. However, not all rogues are Scoundrels, and not all Scoundrels are lovable.

In the Five-Man Band he will be The Smart Guy, the street smart type... with connections. This allows him to co-exist with the more traditional smart guys on the team. He may also be one of the sneakier versions of The Lancer.

In videogames their is a strong overlap with, and resemblance to, the Fragile Speedster. However, if the game offers Another Side, Another Story or switches characters between missions, the Complete Scoundrel's missions will all or mostly all be StealthBasedMissions, and he might not have the FragileSpeedsters speed to go with his stealth.

The name is a Double Entendre Punny Name on both the D&D supplemental [1] of the same name, and the Complete Monster trope.



Command & Conquer: Generals: Jarmen Kell and Prince Kassad

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions: Spiderman Noir

Western Animation

Beast Wars: Rattrap

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes
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