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Slave To His Pet

That one character who's a slave to their pet.

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Sometimes, a pet is loyal to its master...and sometimes, the pet is "master."

This character will usually be harried, stressed, worried or tearful...but he can't help it. Even though he might resent it, the inevitability is, his beloved dog (cat, snake, whatever) has him completely whipped. He'll do literally anything for the animal. May overlap with Crazy Cat Lady.

  • Launce in The Two Gentlemen of Verona thinks of his dog, Crab, as a human being, his "servant." However, it soon becomes obvious that it's Launce who's the servant to Crab:
    How many masters would do this for his servant? Nay, I'll be sworn, I have sat in the stocks for puddings he hath
stolen, otherwise he had been executed; I have stood on the pillory for geese he hath killed, otherwise he had suffered for't.
  • Peanuts: Charlie Brown once stood there for an entire Sunday strip, scratching Snoopy's head, over and over promising himself that he'd go do something else because Snoopy was taking advantage of him--but not going anywhere.
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