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Stock Animal Collar

All animal collars in fiction as simple leather collars

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In real life, animal collars come in an array of designs, textures, and fabrics. However, in fiction all pets wear one form of collar: a plain, monotone (usually red or blue) leather collar with either a generic looking golden tag, a buckle, or a bell (if a cat). Pampered pets might have jewels on theirs, scary or mean dogs often have spiked collars, and a Angry Guard Dog might have a chain around their neck. A dog will always be shown being leashed to their collar, never using a harness despite how common they are in real life.

This is often done for pragmatic reasons. It's easier to draw a generic, plain collar then a fancy one. Historically, dog collars have been made out of leather or similar material but in past decades dog owners have become more interested in fashionable collars.


Film — Animation
  • Lady and the Tramp and Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure features pet dogs wearing leather collars. Tramp has a red collar in the sequel, Lady a blue collar, and Scamp a collar similar to his mother's. Scamp's Same-Sex Triplets sisters have collars in various collars to distinguish them: Annette wears a dark blue collar, Collette wears a red collar, and Danielle wears a white collar. The collars all have golden diamond tags on them.
  • When he was kept as a pet, Todd from The Fox and the Hound didn't wear a collar as a kit. As an adult he temporarily had a red tagless collar but it was removed when he was let go into the wild. Copper also lacked a collar as a puppy but as an adult wears an equally tagless blue one.
  • In 101 Dalmatians all the dogs wear thin collars with round, golden tags. The coloring depends on the sex of the dog. Males wear red collars while females wear blue collars.

  • Warrior Cats:
    • Kittypets are near-always depicted wearing collars in order to distinguish them from stray cats. The collars are usually primary coloured leather collars, often with bells. The first thing Firepaw did when he joined ThunderClan was tear off his kittypet collar, which was also noted to make it difficult for him to hunt due to the fact it had a bell on it.
    • BloodClan cats such as Scrouge have collars with spikes made of dog's teeth on them. Scourge is an ex-kittypet himself.

Video Games
  • Subverted in Nintendogs. Though the first collars available are simple leather collars in red, black, and blue, the player can obtain dozens of collars with various patterns.
  • Jake's collar in A Dog's Life is a red leather collar on default, suitable for a rural farmdog like him, however you his collars can be customized when he takes baths.
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    Grittier/more dangerous dogs (such as guarding ones) will have spikes on their collar.
  • May 31, 2017
    • Pluto wears a thick, red leather collar with no tag.
    • Scooby Doo wears a thin, blue collar with a diamond-shaped tag that is occasionally shown with the initials SD on it.
    • On Peanuts, Snoopy wears a black, thin tagless collar.