One Two Skip A Few
A person inflates their oral count to make themself look better
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This usually occurs with exercise reps, but can occur in other situation. A person is counting out loud honestly, but then someone they want to impress comes within earshot. Instantly they skip a large number in the count. Up for Grabs.
  • Monsters Versus Aliens: The Missing Link is lifting weights when Susan walks by. "Seven, eight, nine hundred ninety-nine, one thousand."
  • A variant in an episode of Red Dwarf, when Rimmer is trying to dictate an essay for a practice astronomy exam question, "What does the red spectrum tell us about quasars?" - although it's clear that he has no idea what a red spectrum or a quasar is. Lister enters the room and Rimmer immediately skips to " conclusion, this comprehensively answers the question of what the red spectrum tells us about quasars."
  • A variant from the Sgt Bilko movie, during a surprise inspection by Major Thorn, the title character has to tell one of his out-of-shape men to "drop and give me twenty". While the Major is distracted by something else, Bilko mercifully says "And 20", even though the private only managed about one and a half pushups.
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