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Cut Off Declaration of Love

Alice is about to declare her love for Bob but is stopped by something outside her control.

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Unlike Can't Spit It Out or Aborted Declaration of Love, this trope is when a declaration of love is cut off by something outside the character's control. Usually the audience will only hear the "I" while the "love you" is left unsaid. It might even be left unclear as to whether or not the statement even is a declaration of love at all.
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  • August 21, 2011
    • Avatar The Last Airbender: Toward the end of the second season, the Gaang splits up and Aang decides it's finally time to tell Katara how he feels. He manages to get the word "I" out before Sokka unwittingly jumps in and gives him a noogie.
  • August 21, 2011
  • August 21, 2011
    There's a spectrum of Seen It A Million Times, this one falls on the end where I have a hard time believer we don't have this one. Do we?

    I believe this happened in Scrubs in the episode where Turk proposed to Carla. I am, however, less than certain.

    I'm more sure about this example, also from Scrubs:

    • When Kim is in labor with JD's baby on Scrubs, she tries to ask JD if he loves her at all. He narrowly evades the question multiple times, and then averts the trope when she eventually blurts it out.
  • August 23, 2011
    Soap: Jessica's lawyer E. Robert Mallu falls in love with her during her trial for the murder of Peter Campbell. He says "I love you" just as Benson comes in, so he has to add a word in order to cover up, but he doesn't do it very well.
    Mallu: Jessica, I love you Benson enters eyes.
    Benson: "I love you eyes?" I love you suit.
    In another scene as Mallu is trying to kiss Jessica her husband comes in. Jessica covers by saying they're learning the Hustle to pass the time while waiting for the jury to return. Her husband joins in the "lesson."
  • August 23, 2011
    Maybe a variation Hajime No Ippo: At first Ippo just Cannot Spit It Out, but during the Beach Episode, in a hotel room, at last he manages to say to Kumi "I've always loved you!"… unfortunately he beats around the bush so much that Kumi has fallen asleep by the time he says it (she was a bit drunk too). So the declaration is "interrupted" by her not listening to it.
  • August 23, 2011
    I think this is a good idea, i've seen a few instances of this, like the Doctor (in hologram form) trying to tell Rose he loves her before the transmission fades in Doctor Who.
  • August 1, 2014
    Yes, this is Interrupted Declaration Of Love. I'm gonna check if all examples here are on that page and add them if necessary, and then I'll discard it.

    Cut Off Declaration Of Love could be a redirect.

    EDIT: Some of the examples don't quite fit IMO. E.g. Soap looks like Aborted Declaration Of Love — the example doesn't say why Benson's arrival was interruption. It simply looks like Mallu reconsidered and "aborted the action".