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Labyrinth Landscape
This natural place is well-known for getting lots of people lost in it.
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Generally, natural landscapes don't exist as a natural maze or labyrinth. Some unfortunate or Too Dumb to Live travellers may get stuck inside forever, but still, they don't have the nature to get you lost.

But people are unsatisfied to know that these people disappeared inside such a landscape just because of probability. Their mind only remembered those people who get lost, since the news only emphasis of each missing people incident. They need an explaination to justify it, no matter if that's a Hand Wave. So the solution? That landscape is a labyrinth itself, and has a tendency to suck the travellers inside forever.

Labyrinth Landscape are those natural places that has a tendency, and are usually known for getting a vast amount of people lost and stuck there forever, often very dangerous and/or magical on top of being confusing to navigate, no matter it's a forest, desert, ocean, mountain, or any sort of natural landscape. Magic may be involved. And it's more mystic and scary when such naturally occurring places have a Bermuda triangle type reputation.

But usually, there is a way to get out of these places - maybe by using some kind of magic or technology, exactly following a pattern, or getting some guidance from a sage. Even luck may help.

Of course, going inside is a form of Schmuck Bait.

Subtrope of The Maze. The Lost Woods is a Sub-Trope of this.


  • Emyn Muil of Lord of the Rings fame-as Gimli put, an impassable labyrinth of razor-sharp rocks.
    • In addition to Emyn Muil, it also has the Old Forest, which almost seems to deliberately prevent Frodo's party from going in the right direction.

Live-Action TV
  • The Badlands, a region of space from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, partly because it is actually dangerous and confusing there, partly because the Caretaker tends to abduct ships into the Delta Quadrant from time to time...

Table Top RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons "frostburn" says that "Natural ice or snow caverns" are basically cold confusing dungeons with high chance of getting lost and low chance of finding treasure.
    "Naturally occurring complexes most often form due to flowing water that sculpts tunnels, caves, and caverns out of packed snow or ice. As a result, these frozen labyrinths can prove confusing, since their construction was not based on any intelligent design. Characters entering such places find themselves easily lost, because most areas look alike: stalactites and stalagmites of ice, frost-covered exposed stone, frozen bodies of water, and everywhere, layers of white snow."

Theater and Opera
  • Into the Woods. Everyone gets lost, finds each other, gets lost again.
    "When going to hide, know how to get there. And how to get back. And eat first."

Video Games
  • Super Mario Bros. has Forest of Illusion. In the game Super Mario World, Mario will get lost into a loop inside it, unless you discovered the secret route that allows you to get through it.
  • In Touhou, there is a Bamboo Forest of the Lost, which is known for getting lots of bamboo cutters inside lost. If somebody did manage to get out, he is considered to have very good luck.

Western Animation
  • In Up the bird Kevin has its nest within a maze of rock formations, making its capture difficult. Charles Muntz mentions that he has lost many of his dogs to the maze. An alternate ending had Muntz go into the maze and getting lost, never to be seen again.

Real Life
  • The Bermuda Triangle, which has rumours of getting all aircrafts and ships disappear within it. It's more than urban legend than documented truth though, as it's still not confirmed that it really has a tendency to get things lost in it.
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