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Adaptational Ugliness
An attarctive character made ugly by an adaptation.
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Sometimes characters are made more attractive by adaptations. Sometimes they look roughly the same. Other times the characters look even worse.

Note that the characters does have to be ugly, just not as attractive as they looked in the source material.


  • The Red Queen from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. While she may not have been attractive in the original illustrations, the film version is a literal freak with a grotesquely over-sized head (though played by perfectly lovely actress Helena Bonham-Carter).
  • In Being There Chance, the gardener, is described as looking like a cross between Ted Kennedy (in the early 1970s) and Cary Grant. Peter Sellers played the character in the film, and is not generally considered to have a dashing appearance. In addition, Sellers intentionally gained weight for the role because he decided that Chance's "sedentary and solitary" life would have left him overweight.
  • In the 2004 animated series of Dragon Hunters, Gwidzo is presented as charismatic and moderately attractive. The 2008 film adaption portrays him as grimy and unpleasant, even having him describe himself as "mean and ugly" during a break down.
  • In the book series A Song of Ice and Fire the Others are described as oddly beautiful, sort of ice-themed versions of The Fair Folk. In the show Game of Thrones the White Walkers are Humanoid Abominations that look like emaciated corpses which have been left out to freeze.
  • In the original novel that inspired The Graduate, the protagonist Ben is described as a handsome, "All American Athlete" WASP type, but is played by Dustin Hoffman in the film- probably to increase Ben's awkwardness and Mrs. Robinson's desperateness.
  • Jumpstart Adventures 3rd Grade Mystery Mountain. In-game, Botley looks cute and friendly. On the box art and the disc art for the 2001-and-later re-releases of this game, his appearance is thicker, more angular, and downright scary looking.
  • In the Pokémon anime quite a few characters have had more simplistic designs than their game counterparts, their designs tweaked to a point where it's more unappealing, or simple design changes which give them a different look (different colorings, eyes not being fully colored in, etc).
  • The Shining:
  • Magneto from the X-Men films is not ugly by any means, he's considerably older than the character in the comics and much less physically imposing. While Magneto was a buff, chiselled, Pretty Boy in the comics, in the movie his white hair is the result of him being seventy-something years old. Justified, since the movies don't have the comics' sliding timescale or the multiple instances of him being de-aged and re-aged and had to make him the realistic age of a Holocaust survivor.
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