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Bigger then big

this when the scale of something is meaninglessly increased because it's already to high to imagine

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Two all powerful beings are fighting for the fate of the universe when suddenly both their respective side kicks find some Applied Phlebotinum that makes them both over 9000 times more powerful. This is suppose to be a dramatic plot development…. The only problem with that is that they where both already powerful enough to destroy any thing in the universe but each other meaning that the mutual power increase makes no real difference to the situation

Sometimes shows will try and fool you into thinking that this trope is not in effect by doing things like having a character exercise there new power by doing something impressive or having a character exclaim in amazement about how big the new space station is, but a seconds thought and you realise that that character could already do that and a space station the size of the moon would probably elicit the exact same amazed reaction as one the size of mars

  • all Dragon Ball shows: pretty much every power increase after master roshi destroyes the moon really don’t mean any thing different

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