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Gratuitous Dialog Panning
Every time two (or more) characters talk the camera shifts slowly throughout the scene.
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It's been very common in the last few years for TV shows to "spice up" dialog between characters by shifting the camera back and forth (and it's really distracting, too) while they speak. (See for example) The phenomenon is especially noticeable when the background has features or landmarks that visibly move left or right.

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  • The aforementioned Csi Ny example in "Hammer Down", but exists throughout the series.
  • Heavy Rain does this during Jayden and Blake's encounter with Nathaniel.
  • One episode of IGPX has a scene where Takeshi and Mark are talking to each other. The camera then shows a front shot of Takeshi's racing mech, and the camera slowly pans around it to show the details of the mech from head to toe, front to back, before finally stopping on Takeshi and Mark. The shot was done to show off the impressive visuals that Production IG was capable of making, and the whole pan took about a minute and a half from start to finish.
  • Leverage also employs this in virtually every episode involving dialog among the group of five main characters. (Seen here with Nate and the first man to hire him: or see the introductory scenes of this episode: )
  • Done deliberately in Lord of the Rings during the opening phrases of the conversation between "Smeagol" and "Gollum" (two personalities of the same character) to emphasise the fact that the character has a literal split personality and is arguing with himself.
  • This was used commonly throughout the run of Mash, particularly in the first couple of seasons, as the producers wanted the series to have a classy and cinematic look and feel to itnote .
  • Can be seen in Burn Notice a few times.
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