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Picked Up Squatters In The Great Beyond
Someone came Back From The Dead and brought back some friends from the other side
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Someone came Back from the Dead and brought some friends with them.


  • The Vampire Diaries has this happen to Jeramey
  • A one off gag in 30 Rock when Jenna posioned Keneth to get a date and rendered him legally dead for five minuets Keneth insits he "brought back some friends" followed by a cut of a dark shadow and vapor breathe.
  • In Deadlands, the Harrowed sometimes get zombies as sidekicks.
  • In the Swamp Thing story arc in which Anton Arcane returned from the dead, he brought a bunch of murderers and maniacs back with him and turned them loose to do as they pleased.
  • Flatliners. Several medical students deliberately cause brain death in themselves and are then brought back to life in order to explore life beyond death. After they come back apparitions of people they've hurt in the past start to appear to them and try to take vengeance upon them. It's not clear whether the apparitions are really ghosts or not: at least one of them is of a woman who's still alive.
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