The Coin Always Lands Heads Up
Consistently getting the same outcome from coin flips or die rolls

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Do you realize that in the past two months, every coin a passerby has tossed us has turned up heads?
-- Tyrone, Candorville

For some people, random chance . . . isn't. Every time they flip a coin or roll a die, they'll get the same outcome. This isn't always the same as being Born Lucky, but it's usually an indication that fate or the Random Number God favor them in some way.


  • In the Tom Stoppard play Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, much of the first act features the two title characters talking and playing a coin toss game. Over and over again, the coin lands heads up. This happens over one hundred times, to the utter bewilderment of Guildenstern. Rosencrantz, on the other hand, doesn't seem to think much of it.
  • This is commented on more than once in the "Rosencrantz and Tyrone" arcs of Candorville. At one point, one of them wonders whether it's a sign that they died without realizing it.
  • The protagonist of Neal Shusterman's Speeding Bullet starts getting heads from every coin flip after the first time he saves someone's life. He believes he's been blessed by God. (He's a bit off as to the particulars, however . . .)
  • During one episode of Fringe, Walter Bishop attempts several coin flips while investigating a supposedly haunted building. Each time, the coin lands heads-up, leading him to make a significant deduction about the haunting.
  • Most Abnormals in Medaka Box get 6s on all dice they roll, even if they dump out an entire can of dice. (Medaka herself goes one step further--her dice make a tower on the table.)
  • In the Apocalyptic Log that forms the backstory of Improbable Island, a series of 6s was a sign that the Improbability Drive was working. When the Drive went haywire, the dice started giving out results that weren't numbers.
  • Discworld treats this as a property of places rather than people--coins land weirdly in places where there was once a magic war.
    • On the other hand, the Auditors invert this--they're so orderly that their presence forces the results of experiments to match their expected statistical distributions.
  • According to a bonus comic of MS Paint Adventures, "The thing about Hearts Boxcars is HE ALWAYS ROLLS BOXCARS."
  • Mat from The Wheel of Time usually just gets better results than average, but it's been proven that he can make a coin land heads a hundred times in a row. The reason he doesn't regularly do this is that people would catch on.
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