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Visual Inflection
The appearance of text conveys something about dialog
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A trope in which qualities of speech, such as mood or voice, are conveyed visually by the medium. A Sister Trope of Unconventional Formatting. This trope is strongly associated with Speech Bubbles. In written works, italics can be used to convey certain emphases. Used in one place, it might depict a character's sarcasm, but in other contexts it might indicate a character switching to a shout.

See Painting the Medium for visual elements in general communicating text to the audience through their perception of the medium. Bold Inflation is a common subtrope.

This is an Omnipresent Trope in Comic Books; boring, Played Straight examples are unnecessary.


Video Games

  • All Homestuck characters who talk have their own particular typing quirks that generally indicate the way they speak. For example, Rose's text is purple to show that she types very verbosely, while Karkat constantly types in ALL CAPS to indicate what a loud, mean person he is.
  • In Dinosaur Comics, God talks in BOLD ALL CAPS. The Devil meanwhile speaks in '''BIG RED LETTERS
  • MegaTokyo uses < less-than and greater-than brackets > to indicate that characters are speaking Japanese, with the readers benefiting from a Translation Convention. Sometimes two characters will attempt (and fail) to have a conversation with one speaking in bracketed text and the other speaking sans-brackets.
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