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Armored Dragons
They're dragons wearing crafted armor.
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(EDIT: Previously titled Dragons In Shining Armor)

Pursuant to a discussion in TRS -

Dragons that wear armor. This might seem a bit redundant, considering that dragons are already scaled and at the very least Made of Iron because of it. However, it looks really cool.

Beyond that, it may serve a practical benefit. Perhaps the dragon has a weak spot in their scales that they'd want to cover. Perhaps the scales aren't as tough as they look. Maybe it's just a variant of heraldry for them.

More common if a Dragon Rider is involved, as the dragon is treated as a fantastic version of a cavalry animal.



[[folder: Literature]] [[/folder]]

[[folder: Tabletop Games]]
  • Some of the rule books for Dungeons & Dragons allow for armor constructed for dragons.
  • Armed Dragon cards in the YuGiOh Card Game, which go through Evolutionary Levels. Armed Dragon LV 3 upgrades to LV 5, to LV 7 (and that can be replaced with LV 10, optionally). They're an increasingly-humanoid series of red dragons wearing dark, shiny metal armor.

[[folder: Video Games]] [[/folder]]

[[folder: Web Comics]]
  • Both the Heterodyne dragon and the Baron's dragon in Girl Genius.
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