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Double Standard Abuse: Male on Female
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A very common trope, (in Real Life and Fiction) is the Abuse Is Okay When It Is Female on Male double standard. That's because men are usually known as being stronger than girls and that any man isn't a "man" if he allows himself to be beaten up by a woman.

However, as rare as this sounds, this inversion really does exist. It's not just as common. This may exist when a female is either a Butt Monkey in fiction.

This trope does not describe situations when a woman hits a man first and expects the man not to do anything back, or when the violence is justified.

Related to All Abusers Are Male and Domestic Abuse.

Spear Counterpart of Abuse Is Okay When It Is Female on Male

Oh and please do not being any personal opinions here. The last thing we need is natter complaining about the double standards that males and females face in real life.

Compare/Contrast Would Hit a Girl
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