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Parody Paradox
When both the inspiration and the parodies appear alongside.
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Up for Grabs. Exactly what I said in the laconic description. Most of the time we assume a parody to be a Fictional Counterpart to the original, but this is when both of them appear in a work. Examples from the top of my head, South Park first has Scientology parodied as "Blainetology" and then it shows the real thing in Trapped in The Closet, and then it makes another Fictional Counterpart in The Return of the Chef. A more minor one, the same show once uses a song which parodies "Push it to the limit" and then the original. Other examples, Drawn Together shows Stimpy in one episode even though it features a character who parodies him, and the various Disney princessed upon which Clara is based on. Or how the Millenium Falcon makes a cameo in Spaceballs. This is likely not a good trope.
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