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In video games, you're bound to find at least one or several weapons you like to use, and use them regularly. Then there are weapon that're either hard to use, or totally useless in most situations, or just plain unfun to utilize. Most people try to avoid using these weapons if they can afford to do so, but some games require you to use such annoying items, usually to defeat a boss, solve a puzzle, or find an important item. Note that this is not limited to just weapons: magic, offensive items, Mons, or fighting moves can fall into this catagory. Note that this is different than Useless Useful Spell, which usually deals skills and such that inflict status effects (in RP Gs, mostly); this trope concerns offensive weapons/magic and similar tools, though some exceptions can be made.


-The Ratchet and Clank series was the main inspiration for this trope. The first game had a handful of weapons that were quite useful (Visibomb Gun, Pyrocitor), and some that were almost useless (Drone Device, Sonic Summoner). The second game and onwards introduced leveling up weapons, further polarizing the effectiveness of weapons. It was quite easy to level up weapons that were easy to use and fairly powerful (Negociator and Constructo Shotgun from A Crack in Time, for one), and weapons that barely got any use (such as the wimpy Buzz Blades) would never be able to level up except on the weakest ankle-biter enemies.

-Pokemon's a good example as well; there are a slew of Mons that are simply unsuitable for competitive play, and some of them are too weak to even be effective against the story mode battles. Pikachu, despite being the mascot of the Pokemon world, fits in the latter category because of its frail defenses and being outclassed by other Pokemon such as Jolteon. The only way one would make a Pikachu a viable threat (at least in competitive battling) would be to give it a Light Ball, which doubles its attack stats. However, the Light Ball is a painfully rare drop (only from other Pikachu), and even then Pikachu's hardly a top-tier battler since so many more Pokemon can outspeed/damage it.

-Yu-Gi-Oh. There are so many cards in that metagame that it's hard to name examples, but half the time when you open up a booster pack you're going to come across some spell/trap cards and a few monsters that'll make you go "Why did they make this?" when you look at it. Granted, some of the "weaker" cards can stand up in competitive play, but half the time, "junk" cards like that are just that--junk. -The Lego Crossover Games have so many characters, vehicles and unlockable Extras (they're essentially cheats that can be switched on and off) that it's easy to lose track, but there are some which either have a such a minor impact on gameplay that they're not even worth using. Lego Batman in particular has the Minikit/Power Brick detectors (you can just look up the locations on GameFAQs), Always Score Multiply (the regular stud multipliers more than makes this pretty much worthless), and the worst of the lot, Immune to Freeze. Why would anyone want to use an Extra that makes them immune to the attacks of EXACTLY one character (Mr. Freeze)? Most players would only fight Freeze once in a regular playthrough if they're going for 100% completion, and if you want to avoid getting frozen by Freeze, just play as him or make sure your AI partner isn't playing as him!
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