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Dreaded Friend Zone
nice guys finish last, relationship edition
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When Bob loves Alice, but Alice considers him only a friend (It can go both ways, but the most common direction seems to be guy to girl, because All Men Are Perverts), he has been put in the Dreaded Friend Zone, from which escape is rare.

From Bob's perspective he's done everything right; he's known her for years, he's nice, friendly, easy to talk to, and has always been there for her. About the only thing he hasn't done is summon the courage to ask her out. From her perspective that's exactly what makes him such a good friend, and any romance would upset that balance, if she even thinks of it.

Truth in Television, may have Unfortunate Implications about the honesty of Bob's relationship with Alice.

Subtrope of All Love Is Unrequited. If it's been going on long enough, may coincide with Unlucky Childhood Friend.


  • Yugi is stuck in the friend zone in regards to Anzu/ Tea. This is explicit in the manga, but much subtler in the anime.
    • In the second season of Yugioh Tristan is escorting Joey's sister, Serenity, to the battle city tournament so she can watch her brother duel. On the train ride there Serenity tells Tristan he's such a great friend for doing this for her. Tristan quietly complains about being placed in the friend zone for a few seconds.
  • Laci Green did a video about escaping the friend zone.
  • XKCD noted the Unfortunate Implications of Bobs actions in a strip.

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