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Doesn't Need Powers Anyway

An Aesop about not needing powers

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The character finally obtains the means to make themselves a Badass Abnormal. But several of the current magic users or psychics tell them they accept that person, and they're fine the way they are. Sometimes in a heavy-handed, I Just Want to Be Normal fashion where they declare they wish they hadn't become superpowered. The person in question puts aside their ambition and decides to stay normal, even though in the plot of the story, they aren't even Badass Normal, they just follow around the rest of the people.

Remember, Tropes Are Not Bad. Done well, the audience can genuinely appreciate this sentiment, and believe that Status Quo Is God in regard to the character. Done poorly, the audience comes away with the impression, "That's easy for you to say, you're the one with all these powers, and here you are trying to prevent someone else from getting them?" Usually audience curiosity over what powers they might have overrides any contentment they might have over the character's state.

If they later do develop powers on their own, careful work is needed to avoid making this a Broken Aesop, changing the focus instead to the fact that the character didn't need to "use shortcuts" to obtaining power, because they were sure to develop it on their own. That, or the character pretty much needs to have Anti-Magic as their new power.
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