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Locality In-Joke
A joke aimed at viewers who live where the series is set or in the creator's hometown.
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Much like the Parental Bonus and the Genius Bonus, this is a joke that not everyone watching the show will get, but that people who live where the show is set or in the creator’s hometown will.

A specific type of In-Joke related to Creator Provincialism.



Live-Action TV
  • Arrested Development takes place in Orange County (Southern California). There's an arc that involved a character suspected of spying on the main characters (the truth is, she's mentally retarded) and she tells her uncle that she's tired of his "missions". The joke is that missions have two meanings. The other is a type of building and it's a very common assignment for Southern Californian children to make model missions (again, the building type).
  • Frasier, largely set indoors and filmed in California, did several location shows which showed off Seattle's places of interest, as homage to the city where the show was notionally set. A later episode built up as a homage to fans from Manchester, England, was disappointing, as while a fairly typical Northern English pub was faithfully reproduced as a set, everyone still talked with horribly misplaced Dick van Dyke cockney accents. note . British fans thought an opportunity had been lost. Ah well.


Newspaper Comics
  • Calvin rampages through a recognizable Chargin Falls, Ohio on the back of The Essential Calvin And Hobbes.

Western Animation
  • Many of the supporting characters on The Simpsons have names based on street names in Portland, including Rev. Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, Mayor Quimby, Sideshow Bob Terwilliger, and Kearney.
  • Luanne Platter from King of the Hill is named after the LuAnn Platter, a special at Luby’s, a chain restaurant in and around Texas.
  • In a Hey Arnold! episode, a boat captain mentions finding out a penny was counterfeit when he tried to spend it at Ivar's Fish and Chips, a restaurant franchise situated in western Washington.
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