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Badass Israeli

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Israelis are badass. No ifs ands or buts. They are a Proud Warrior Race and it is a national law that each one must have a Crowning Moment of Awesome on his Bar Mitzvah. A polite softspoken Israeli with glasses is not around. If by a miracle he appears you can count on him being a Badass Bookworm. If an Israeli is a villain you can count on him being something cool like an Arms Dealer or an assassin. If they are heros they are of course heros. Every female Israeli is a Hot Amazon . Every male Israeli is an Ace Pilot, or a spy for the Mossad(that is the only Israeli intelligence agency that Hollywood knows). The Israeli Defense Force does not have a single Obstructive Bureaucrat like, oh, every other army in the entire world. It is to much of a Badass Army.


  • Agent Ben Canaan in Exodus

  • Raid on Entebbe

  • Cast A Giant Shadow

  • Munich

  • Deconstructed in Waltz With Bashir.

  • Played Forlaughs in Adam Sandler movie You Dont Mess With The Zohan

Live-Action TV

  • Ziva David in NCIS
    • Ari too.
    • Israelis except for Ziva haven't yet usually been presented nicely in NCIS. Which is perhaps unfortunate. But almost everyone is a Badass or something close.
      • Too be fair the Mossad is a spy agency and spies look rather shady unless they are just analysts. The CIA is treated much the same manner by NCIS.
      • Michael Rivkin despite his unpleasant looks and personality could be interpreted more as a Worthy Opponent then a villain. He was still doing his job, the prey he was pursuing were dangerous enemies not innocents, and he was effectively doing the same sorts of things Ziva did before she switched jobs.

  • Golda Meir in the miniseries A Woman Called Golda. Played by Ingrid Bergman.

  • Hana Gitelman from Heroes. Granted, she showed up mostly in the Graphic Novels, but she was awesome nonetheless.


  • The Hope and The Glory by Herman Wouk.

  • Rabin in the Star Trek Novel Vulcans Forge.

  • Averted in The Chosen . In the film version(there is a film version) a minor character who goes to Israel and dies is an ordinary college student. Reuven and his father are passionate Zionists but they are so from outside Israel and each is a Smart Guy rather then a Badass.

  • Stretch from the Jack West Jr series by Matthew Reilly was pretty Badass, and he was Israeli.

Comic Books
  • In Y The Last Man Israel becomes a military superpower (because it had the largest amount of female soldiers, is has the most soldiers left).
    • Which is Holywood Geography. Israel uses female soldiers mostly for support, and hasn't tried to use large numbers of HotAmazons since the '48 war.

Real Life

  • Well...Yeah.

  • Yoni Natanayu
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