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Ambiguously Christian
A character is suggested to be Christian.
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We've all probably Seen It a Million Times. A character might make casual references to church, Sunday School, the Bible, or Jesus Christ - but, yet, the religion is not explicitly established as being a part of their personality. This probably comes up the most during a Christmas or Easter episode, but does not necessarily have to be the case.

In short, "being a Christian" is not one of the character's defining traits - and, in fact, the references may only come up once or a few times.

For example, a conversation may go like this.

Bob: Hey, Alice, how about going for pancakes at Carol's Bakery?
Alice: Oh, I really love that place. I go there every Sunday, before church.
Bob: Cool, then let's go there. How about tomorrow?

And then that's the only reference in the entire episode that suggests that Alice may be a Christian.

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