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Damaged Delivery
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Alice orders a great crystal vase over the internet. The next day it's shipped out complete with bubble-wrap, those Styrofoam packing peanuts and stickers on the front that say FRAGILE and THIS WAY UP.

Que the scene where the delivery guy completely disregards this and punts the package around like it's a football, without a care in the world, much less a care for the nice stickers proclaiming its contents are fragile. All the packing peanuts in the world can't save that vase from shattering. Alice is pissed.

This trope is when something a character orders, has delivered, or moved in a moving van, is damaged or destroyed in transit, usually because They Just Didn't Care when they were handling it. Usually Played for Laughs or to demonstrate Finagle's Law.


  • In Ace Venture Pet Detective, Ace is the delivery guy that does this to the package.
  • This Penny Arcade strip, referencing Mirror's Edge, and the somewhat rough-and-tumble approach that game takes towards package delivery...
  • On Seinfeld Kramer gets Jerry to pretend this happened (by sending an already-broken stereo to himself) in order to get the post office to pay for damages, but Newman intervenes.
  • There was a milk ad where someone exploited this to get his bottle of chocolate milk shaken.
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