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Let It Out
Let yourself grieve for once.
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"If tears should fall from my eyes"
"Just think of all the wounds they could mend,"
"And just think of all the time I could spend"
"Just being vulnerable again."
-- "If I Could Feel," The Wiz

Alt Title: Cathartic Tears

A character has just gone through a traumatic, tragic event that might and maybe even does cause everyone else to break down, but instead of going into a Heroic BSOD or shedding a single tear they keep going without letting themselves feel for it. Cue drivenness, emotional stiltedness, veiled depression, and all sorts of complexes as a result.

Another character will often comment that the character is suffering because they are "not allowing themselves to cry," and "it's not healthy." Expect the non-griever to brush it off, but for it to press on them more and more, all leading up to this moment:

Sometimes by the prompting one someone who cares, sometimes on their own, in the midst of danger or before/after what must be done is done, they finally take a moment to finally let themselves feel, acknowledge, and cry, sometimes onto another loved one who helps them through the pain.

After this moment, expect the character to reappear more centered, more in control in themselves, and all around better for the ware.

Expect these to be Tear Jerkers or Crowning Moments Of Heartwarming. Occasionally done by way of Cry into Chest or Manly Tears. Can result in a Not So Stoic situation, but generally not, as the character isn't stoic but repressed.

Seen It a Million Times, but irritatingly enough I can see the trope clearly but can't really think of more than one example. Sorry...
  • Batman prompts Commissioner Gordon to do this after the Joker kidnaps him in The Killing Joke. The guy has a lot in the way of traumatic experience.
    • Batman generally does this for anyone he cares about who he knows isn't dealing with something properly - while not allowing himself to fully do so: he believes if he truly grieves it will lead to forgiveness, and then his dedication would falter. However, he doesn't want anyone else to end up like he thinks he needs to be, so he encourages others to do what he can't.
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