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Our cookies are baked by Keebler Elves!
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A Basic Commercial Type which hopes to sell you on the product by showing how it was produced. Product X (the product for sale) is made slowly, with a lot of care and personal attention. Product Y, on the other hand, is stamped out en masse by soulless machines.

These tend to be one of two types

  1. Fanciful -- the product is made by colorful characters, often mascots, in elaborate or fantasy settings. Manufacturing the product is the centerpiece of their culture, and some advertising may focus on young or junior members who dream of being "good enough" to produce it themselves someday. Often they are smaller characters, to make baking a cookie a genuine architectural challenge. The very act of producing Product X involves magic or wonder, like adding whole rainbows or the light of 'seventeen stars.'

  2. Realistic (for a given value of 'realism') -- the product is made with loving care by beloved or admired figures. Think a restaurant chain showing how experienced chefs in Milan slowly cook up large batches of the special soup now served at your table in Colorado Springs, or Grandma pulling a fresh batch of cookies from the oven.

Needless to say the product offered for consumption was not made like that, but that is irrelevant: the purpose of the commercial is to sell you on the product because you'd like to believe it was produced magically, whimsically, or with elaborate ritual and care.

Note: This trope does not apply to certain luxury goods whose selling point is that they genuinely are well crafted or hand made (say, a designer dress). Such items tend to fall under Up Marketing -- and come with a correspondingly high price point.

Compare: Christmas Elves, Magically Delicious.


  • The Keebler Elves, who bake cookies at their home in a beautiful tree.
  • A series of shorts for the Arby's restaurant chain showed the behind-the-counter employees as beautiful young people, happily working in a spacious kitchen alongside a CGI oven glove.
  • The Quilted Northern brand of bath tissue ran a campaign showing a diminutive quilting circle who apparently hand-stitch every inch of the product by hand. Did I mention the product is toilet tissue?

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