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Its Non Sexual Therefore It Sucks
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Laconic: So Bad Its Horrible simply due to the lack of sexual content

Note: The snowclone title is obvious so alternate name suggestions are welcome. Also, some description refinement ideas would be nice.

A decent show is often celebrated for its story, characterization, and how the whole nine yards is put together. Of course, as always happens in the land of fiction writing, a certain percentage of writers feel that a show is lacking without a pinch of sex appeal, mainly due to the concept of sex adding a bit of realism to the overall narrative. Apparently, this type of logic causes those who follow along with it to snare at any type of fiction that doesn't have any sex appeal in it, with material aimed at younger audience being one of many targets.

Note: Due to the frequent Real Life invocation of this trope, only In-Universe examples are allowed.


  • In Sullivan's Travels, John L. Sullivan pitches his idea for a serious drama of stark realism and human suffering to a studio executive who insistently adds "but with a little sex in it."
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