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Shot To Swiss Cheese
What happens to anyone on the receiving end of More Dakka.
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Do We Have This? A subtrope of There Is No Kill Like Overkill

Being riddled or even cut to pieces by gunfire.


  • Dick Tracy's mobster villains often ended up riddled (with neat round bloodless holes) by Tommy Gun fire. Although tame by modern standards it was sometimes criticized as overly violent for a comic strip. A case of Ripped from the Headlines (see Real Life below)

  • Happens to Mad Dog Coll at the end of Mobsters, with two Tommyguns wielded akimbo at point-blank range by Charlie Luciano.
  • The Wild Bunch: At Agua Verde, after Mapache executes their friend Angel right in front of them, Pike's gang responds by gunning down the general on the spot, alongside with his german military advisors. A bloody gunfight ensues between Pike's gang and the Agua Verde garrison, made even more destructive by the Gatling gun emplacement inside the compound that the outlaws use to cut down Mapache's men. They are eventually overwhelmed by sheer numbers and gunned dead by the soldiers.

Real Life
  • The summary execution of Clyde Barrow and Bonny Parker by law enforcement agents; their bullet-ridden car is still on display in Las Vegas.
  • Dr. Carl Weiss, the assassin of Huey Long, was shot 62 times by Long's bodyguards.
  • After killing a Florida deputy and a police dog and wounding another deputy, fugitive Angilo Freeland was killed by 68 shots from police officers. When questioned why the suspect had been shot 68 times, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd reportedly replied "That's all the bullets we had".
  • Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll, a notorious gangster, was shot full of holes with a Thompson machine gun while he was making a call from a phone booth in a drug store.
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