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Stupid Yet Awesome
It's stupid, but it's awesome.
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The union of the sets "Stupid things" and "Awesome things", which, surprisingly, are non-disjoint sets. A field mainly occupied by the obsessions of 8-year old boys, but one that can be surprisingly fertile for all that.

Examples should be confined to things that are acknowledged in-show as being stupid or ridiculous, yet are treated as being awesome or cool anyway.

Differs from So Bad, It's Good and So Cool It's Awesome by being the localized case; those apply to the whole show. See also Achievements in Ignorance, a Sister Trope: when the "impossible" is achieved due to not knowing it's impossible; frequently, cases of Stupid Yet Awesome are acknowledged as being stupid, but carry on regardless "just to see what will happen".


  • Tyrannosaurs in F14's! ("This is so cool!" "This is so stupid.")
  • The Alt Text for this Dr Mc Ninja strip (in which Doc focuses his energy to fight ghosts by humming the Ghostbusters theme) reads, "Very stupid ideas taken very seriously. Dr. McNinja."
  • Flavor text from Dungeons & Dragons suggests that most of the gnomes' most brilliant inventions started with astoundingly dumb ideas. For instance, the Gnomish Magnetic Armor, which repels magical attacks, was originally intended to repel metal debris on workroom floors.
  • Many of the things Jeremy Clarkson builds on Top Gear. Past examples have included a V8 powered blender, a flamethrower mounted on a snowplough, and modding a car so much it caught fire. Although May and Hammond once converted a Reliant Robin (very small plastic three wheeled car) into a space shuttle. It is also their opinion of the Pagani Zonda.
  • Many a "carry the myth to its logical conclusion" test on Mythbusters. Past examples include a car shaped like a golf ball and a boat made out of duct tape.

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