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And Your Reward Is His Job
After exposing a traitor, The Hero or an ally get the villain's position as a reward
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Mr. Earle: Fox? I seem to remember firing you.
Mr. Fox: Indeed you did. I got another job; yours.

It's a tricky business discovering one of your underlings is a traitor, especially a high ranking one. Apart from the feelings of betrayal, you've now lost a (probably quite efficient) member of your workforce and the rest of your underlings are reeling from the revelation, given how much esteem and trust they needed to have for the holder of that position. Not to mention that group of heroes you had take him down is going to want paying and you need to reward that one Mauve Shirt who helped smoke him out as well....

This is when, after taking down a villain, their job is reallocated to someone else as a reward for defeating them. If the villain was The Mole (in which case they might just have left the organisation in question) then the Big Good or another benevolent figure will promote or hire either The Hero or one of his allies. A popular variation is for a low ranking member of the authority figure's organisation (typically someone who reported directly to the villain and got suspicious) who decided to help the heroes to be promoted to the villain's former position. If the villain was a corrupt ruler then his former subjects might make the hero their new leader.

If the heroes are part of a rebellion then they might invoke this trope after taking over (particularly with members of the old regeme who either defected or are simply Lawful Neutral enough to be trusted).

If the hero who slayed the villain is forced to replace them in their duty by the very nature of the universe (whether the villain was doing said duty properly or not) it's You Kill It, You Bought It. If a member of the villain's group begins to work for the heroes after they defeat the villain then it's I Fight for the Strongest Side. If it was the act of slaying the villain that earned you his position then it's Klingon Promotion. If someone on the heroes' side replaces the villain more literally then it's a Face-Heel Turn

  • Peter Parker does this to Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3 when he exposes Brock's fraud with that "Spider-Man with his hand in a cookie jar" photo.
  • At the end of Unstoppable, Connie Hooper, the yardmaster and most important character after the two leads, gets Corrupt Corporate Executive Oscar Galvin's old job (Vice-president).
  • In Working Girl Tess exposes Katherine for the backstabbing incompetent that she is, and gets her job (and her boyfriend) as a result.

  • Older than Television example: In the biblical story of Esther, after Haman has been put to death for trying to kill Esther's cousin, Mordecai, and their entire family, Mordecai is given Haman's old job as royal advisor to the king.

Live-Action TV
  • In CSI Conrad Ecklie (who'd more or less stopped being a Jerk Ass by that point) is promoted to Undersheriff after the previous holder of the position turned out to be The Mole and killed Warrick Brown.
  • The Pretender episode "Curious Jarod" begins with Jarod exposing a scam being run by a casino's head of security, and being hired as the new head of security.
  • At the end of season 2 of Burn Notice Michael is offered Carla's old position, on the grounds that he exposed her as a rogue agent, and had her killed. Inevitably, he turns it down. Not a Klingon Promotion, because it's heavily implied that she woul've been killed anyway if she had been found out.
  • In the fourth season finale of Angel, Angel Investigations get to start running the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram and Hart.


Video Games
  • Subverted in Metal Gear Solid 3, where Naked Snake defeats the apparent traitor The Boss and inherits her title, becoming Big Boss, but she wasn't a traitor; she'd pretended to be (and let Snake kill her) in order to act as a scapegoat. We all know where this leads Big Boss to in Metal Gear.
  • Late in Dragon Age: Origins' plot, you fight and kill the traitorous Arl Howe. At the start of the expansion pack Awakening, the new ruler of Ferelden gives you rulership of the lands formerly held by said traitor.
  • At the end of the first game in the God of War series, Kratos kills Ares. As a reward, he is appointed to be Ares's replacement as the new god of war.
  • In Dragon Age 2, if you do Aveline's side quests you eventually reveal the Guard Captain as being on the payroll of the Coterie in order to settle his debts. Aveline is given his job as a reward for her diligence in looking after the City Guards and as a means to restore trust in their devotion to upholding the Law.
  • Shapard in Mass Effect is promoted to the Spectres after finding evidence that gets another Spectre, Saren, stripped of his position.
  • The Hero in Fable is offered the post of Mayor of Bowerstone if they depose the current Mayor, Lady Grey, by finding evidence that she murdered her sister.
  • In Baldur's Gate 2 you can end up running a cell of the Shadow Thieves in this manner.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day ends with him taking the throne from the villainous king.
  • Invoked in Final Fantasy Tactics. Delita rushes into a meeting by Duke Goltanna and exposes a traitor in the Duke's inner circle. As reward, the Duke appoints Delita as leader of the Blackram Knights and later leader of the entire Order of the Southern Sky. Of course, everything is going All According to Plan.

Western Animation
  • In an episode of the Rupert Bear animated series, he ends up helping an elf who's behind on his...dust sprinkling. It turns out that his Bad Boss had gone crazy and started keeping the gold the elves mined to make said dust, leading to said boss to be fired and said elf to be promoted.
  • In the straight to video sequel to Aladdin, the Sultan offers him the job of Grand Vizier, which Jafar held. In a variation he defeated Jafar in the previous film and the Sultan makes the offer at the beginning, with Aladdin deciding to turn him down at the end (and settle for merely being a prince, mind you).
  • Disney's Mulan. In the end, Mulan is offered the job of the incompetant Emporer's aid. The aid wasn't the villain, but he was an ass the whole movie.
  • A variation: In The Simpsons episode Homer's Odyssey, Homer begins protesting against the Nuclear Power Plant's safety policy, and successfully works up a giant protest group. Mr. Burns calls him over to his office, and because most of Springfield think the Power Plant is irresponsible with safety, makes him a safety inspector.
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