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School Shooting
One or more people open fire on students on a school campus
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Index suggestions? Needs More Examples Needs a Better Description

Indices to put on: Violence Tropes (in YKTTW), Murder Tropes, School Tropes, what else?

The greatest fear of every student and parent, the dreaded school shooting. It leaves people forever traumatized and asking "why?" (There's a lot more to be said. Help me out here, TV Tropes)

Should we have individual entries for songs that are based on a shooting and the shootings themselves, or should they be put in one or the other?

Please leave politics out of this. It's okay to focus on why the shooters went through with their acts, but bringing in gun politics is bound to start a Flame War.

No real life examples please.


  • Harry Chapin's Sniper is about a mentally disturbed sniper climbing to the top of a tall school building and shooting people dead. It was based on the 1966 shooting at the University of Texas Austin
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