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Undead Miracle Cure
Got an incurable ailment? Give undeath a try!
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(Scope of the OP has been changed, it used to be about an undead trying to sell undeath as a good thing)

Despite the obvious downsides, undeath has the palpable upside of curing one or more incurable ailments of the people who are turned. This usually becomes the "blessed" part of Blessed with Suck, while the recently converted character may lament lacking a life, they can at least celebrate being cured of their Incurable Cough of Death (which appropriately enough was cured with undeath). Anyone trying to hype undeath as better than life may use this cure as the selling point above and beyond the power and immortality. Got AIDS? Not an issue if you can't get sick. Missing a limb? An undead could grow it back (or attach a new one!). Blind? The undead don't need biological eyes to see with.

A character considering giving themselves or another an Emergency Transformation usually have this trope in mind, though if they plan to do this well before the sick character's deathbed then it verges more on either Muggle Power or Transhuman Treachery.

Comic Books
  • The comic book Blood + Water has two vampires turn a friend dying of Hepatitis C for this reason. The change even completely undoes all of the physical damage he had suffered over the years of the disease. Interestingly, he confronts them over waiting those years before turning him, and they reveal it was because their Spider-Sense warned them doing so would have a dark consequence. In this case, awakening the ancient Food Chain of Evil that were prehistoric super vampires. They had chosen to ignore it because they cared too much about him to continue to watch him suffer.

  • In Corpse Bride, while being dead isn't exactly a picnic what with the gradual decomposition the dead suffer, it has it's upsides. Mainly that any pains felt in life are completely gone. Mayhew, who died of a coughing related illness, actually was fairly happy at the turnaround.
    Victor: Mayhew! How nice to see... [notices he's dead] I'm so sorry.
    Mayhew: Oh, yeah. Actually, though, I feel great.

  • One of the Night World books is about a girl with cancer whose vampire boyfriend offers to turn her to save her life.

Live-Action TV
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Lie To Me," a childhood friend of Buffy's sells her out to some vampires in exchange for being turned into a vampire to cure his fatal brain tumor. Buffy was quick to point out that the vampires in her 'verse don't have the Soul of the human the body belonged to; his body would move around, and a demon might have his memories, but "he" would still die.
  • In one episode of Forever Knight a blind woman regains her sight after being turned.
  • Moonlight: Beth asks Mick to do this for her fatally wounded fiance. He refuses. He musta seen that ep of Forever Knight.

Tabletop RPG
  • The whole point of worshipping Nurgle in Warhammer40000, if you are already covered in diseases and rotting flesh, you can't get old, and you won't feel pain. You also have a the patronage of the only kind god in the entire galaxy.

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