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Revive Kills Caster
This spell kills you, but it brings someone back to life.
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I just thought of a title: Revive Kills Caster. (the other potential titles were Sacrificial Revive and Fatal Revive.) Is this a Bad Snowclone of Revive Kills Zombie or a good title?

Bob couldn't save Alice in time to save her from death, and after mourning her he finds he has a revival spell available to him. He uses it and presto! She's alive again. But suddenly Bob collapses and dies. It seems the spell required the user to sacrifice his life to bring another's back.

Essentially, it's a spell that sacrifices your life to bring someone Back from the Dead. It may be a Dangerous Forbidden Technique because of this sacrifice, and so people tend to know that they're going to die if they cast it, meaning they either think it's worth it or they're crazy. When it's used in Video Games (aside from in cutscenes) the stakes don't tend to be as high considering that there may be some other ways of reviving party members.

A Darker and Edgier Sub-Trope of Equivalent Exchange.


Anime and Manga
  • An amusing but but still touching instance of this occurs late in the Buu saga of Dragon Ball Z. The beyond ancient Old Supreme Kai gives up his life energy so Goku, as a dead man stuck in other world, can fight elsewhere/live normally again. His halo vanishes and the old kai, without pain or distress, gains one.
  • In the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime, Ed is killed by Envy, then Alphonse transmutes his own life into Ed's, then Ed transmutes his life and body into Al's life and a new body for him, to boot. Alphose can't repeat the process after that because Ed gets stuck in a parallel universe.
  • In Naruto, Lady Chiyo uses a secret jutsu to revive Gaara, but at the cost of her own life.
  • One of the Forbidden Spells in Ojamajo Doremi is bringing someone back from the dead, for the exact reason of it basically being a trade of lives.
  • Toward the end of the s-CRY-ed anime, Scherris Adjani finds and uses her "Eternal Devote" alter power on Ryuhou shortly after he's killed by Big Bad Kyouji Mujo. His agony and gratitude upon seeing her deceased boost his power.
  • In YuYu Hakusho, this was Kurama's reason for stealing the Forlorn Hope, a magic mirror that grants any wish, but kills the user to do so. He was going to use it to save his terminally ill mother. Subverted in that Yusuke prevents this by joining him in the wish, so the Forlorn Hope takes half of their lives to save her.


Live-Action TV
  • In Supernatural, once Dean traded his life to a Crossroads Demon in order to get Sam back from the dead.
    • Dean's father also traded his own life to the crossroad's demon to save Dean.
  • In Warehouse 13, there is a medallion called the Pheonix that when it's wearer dies from a fire or an explosion, they are reborn from the ashes and someone else nearby dies instead.

Video Games
  • Dragon Quest: Kerplunk does this with everyone in your party that is dead. It also removes all of your MP so you can't just have your newly revived healer revive you so you can use it again.
  • Final Fantasy 12 has the Revive Technick, but you didn't get it until long after you got the basic Revive spell, and it was also on the market next to the more useful Arise Spell.
  • In Persona 3, Chihiro revives Junpei after he was shot by Strega, at the cost of her own life.
  • In Shin Megami Tensei, the recarmdra spell .
  • The MMORPG in Yureka has the Sacrifice spell, which not only kills you but makes you lose levels and randomises your stats. And has a less than 100% success rate. However, one character manages to avoid Awesome, but Impractical by using it on an NPC who loves her, causing him to enter an Unstoppable Rage.
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