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Otherworldly Counterpart

Not quite trope X, but a comparable fantasy metaphor for it.

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A form of Playing with a Trope, this is when something isn't quite trope X but has significant enough parallels to it as to serve as the otherworldly counterpart of it.

Specific varieties of otherworldly counterparts include:


  • In Star Wars (especially A New Hope) discussions of the force are an otherworldly counterpart to our world's discussions of religious beliefs, with sith being Sinister Ministers, the jedi being a Saintly Church, and Motti's "this station is now the ultimate power in the universe" remark being an otherworldly counterpart to the Blasphemous Boast. As for his condescending attitude to Vader's belief in the force, well, as Cracked once put it...
    Even though Darth Vader is a seven-foot-tall bionic killing machine with a sword that can cut through anything, making a personal attack against the man's religion is totally uncalled for. Any manager, be it of the Galactic Empire or Dunkin Donuts, is probably going to fire you if you interrupt a board meeting to call him the equivalent of "a fucking Jew."
  • Gill, from Finding Nemo, is an otherworldly counterpart to The Old Con, with the aquarium he's in being his Alcatraz.
    Nemo: How many times have you tried to escape?
    Gill: Eh, I've lost count. Fish aren't meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to you.
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