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Character with nice rear end uses it to an advantage.

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What I can salvage from Baby Got Back with a clearer definition and trope and little room for gushing. Needs a Better Title. And description, I can't write. Also will contain bending over as part of the trope. Needs help.

The female rear end is one of the more sexualized body parts, and it's usually associated with youth, fertility and beauty. Not too mention stop men dead in their tracks.

This is where a female character with nice assets comes in. They get compliments, and praise and they know they have a nice rear end. And they can use it too get whatever they want. Either with a seductive walk, and a convenient "OOPS!" bending over. The men usually can't help themselves and the female characters then can either laugh at their utter helplessness. They can even use their wiles for good (as in gaining somewhat they want) or evil or or just simply for the attention.

Not that this is limited to female characters, of course.

NOTE: This is not character with nice ass, or even character with a lot of Male Gaze camera shots on their butts. It's explicitly mentioned In-Universe and acknowledged.

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  • March 16, 2012
    To start with, that first line (no longer there) seems to invite problems. As with the original Baby Got Back page, it sounds like "We have pages for sexy body parts. This is the page for the ass."