Relationship Revival
The writers revive a ship that was previously thought to have sunk.

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A lot of the time when writers sink a ship, they don't really know all the consequences that sinking that ship will actually bring around. Perhaps it turns out that the plot could be a whole lot better when that ship was around. Maybe they ended up actually liking the pairing in the end. In any case, that's when this trope comes into play.

Relationship Revival happens whenever the writers bring back the possibility of the ship happening again, even if they'd previously shown it being sent straight to Davy Jones's locker. Think of it as the Heel-Face Revolving Door of Shipping. This can be triggered by a Love Epiphany happened too late, or the love interest suddenly returning. Perhaps the Love Interest decided to choose the Betty over the Veronica on their wedding day. Whatever the case, the trope is basically a pairing that's been pretty definitively sunk that, with whatever reason, suddenly seems like it has a chance again.

Keep in mind, of course, that it does not have to be final. When this happens to a couple, there's just as much chance of them breaking up again, especially if the couple in question is not the Official Couple.

If this turns out to be well done - and it very rarely is - the rabid shippers who decided not to jump ship will be very delighted (and maybe so will those who did). Contrast Anchored Ship, where the pairing was never going anywhere to begin with, and Iron Clad, where the ship just won't sink.


Comic Books
  • The DCU semi-salvaged a ship that had been sunk for nearly twenty-five years. In the Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes, Brainiac 5 had a long-running semi-requited love for Supergirl/Kara Zor-El. She famously died in Crisis on Infinite Earths and was retroactively erased from continuity. The Crisis also embroiled the Legion in an epic Continuity Snarl that resulted in its history being rewritten at least four times, including two total reboots. By the time Kara/Supergirl was reintroduced in 2004, the Legion was on its "threeboot" and B5 had another love interest. But post-Final Crisis the Legion has been "debooted" back to the late Silver Age, and it seems that the Brainy/Kara history/romance is back in continuity.


Live Action TV
  • The Dating Do-Si-Do show that Glee is, it's done this a couple of times.
    • Finn/Quinn was thought to be done for when Finn learned that Quinn's baby wasn't his. Their breakup was pretty messy, but in the late second season it turns out he tries to forgive her, despite clearly having feelings for Rachel, and she cheats on her boyfriend with him. As of "Funeral," though, they've broken up. Again.
    • The episode "Funk" sunk Jesse/Rachel pretty definitively: The egging in the parking lot and all that. But now that The Bus Came Back with Jesse on board, one might take it with a grain of salt.
  • The LOST series finale in the sideways/Purgatory world does this three times, with Charlie/Claire, Daniel/Charlotte, and Sayid/Shannon --all ships that sank due to the deaths of one of the partners. Particularly notable in the case of Sayid and Shannon, since after her death he moved on by reuniting with his first love, married her, and was devastated when she died as well.
  • In the second series of the revived Doctor Who love interest Rose was sucked into a parallel universe and sealed up, the Doctor said a tearful goodbye and it was explicitly stated that if they ever saw each other again the multiverse would implode. Only for series 4 to decide that actually the parallel universe wasn't quite so sealed, allowing Rose to jump to and from and finally take a human clone of the Doctor she could live Happily Ever After with in her world.
  • Elliot and JD from Scrubs could be the banner couple for this trope. The writers dedicated a season-long arch to permanently sinking that ship, cumulating in the characters picturing each other naked and realizing that the romantic feelings just weren't there. The final season, that realization was hastily retconned as Elliot and JD being afraid of their feelings. They ended the show happily married, with a baby on the way.
  • Done in a very bizarre way in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Julian Bashir/Jadzia Dax was a popular ship among the Fan Fic writers, but got torpedoed when Worf showed up. Jadzia gets killed off, and Ezri Dax comes into the picture. For a number of reasons, it doesn't work out with Jadzia's husband, Worf...but it works out with the doctor...

  • Megatokyo. Miho and Piro had some Ship Tease early on, especially when it was hinted that she and Piro had something going on between their game avatars in Endgames. Then, more about the nasty way Endgames went down and more of Miho's dark, manipulative personality was revealed and the ship seemed throughly sunk, especially as Piro x Kimiko gained major ground. Then, even more about Piro and Miho's past relationship is being brought up and all of the sudden they seem almost as likely as Piro x Kimiko.

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