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Illogically Placed Blood
When there is blood or other gore in places where it would be illogical.
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In games, like Skyrim, where there is fresh, bright red, blood and bones (but no bodies) in dungeons people supposedly haven't been in for thousands of years. Leading scientific theories hold that this is the doing of interns.

Compare Rustproof Blood, Ludicrous Gibs and Bloodier and Gorier. Compare Couldn't Find a Pen (a.k.a writings with blood) too. Contrast Body in a Breadbox, in which a corpse or parts thereof turns up someplace odd to make the crime more mysterious.


  • In Skyrim there are numerous dungeons full of draugr who have been dead for thousands of years (who also happen to have Rustproof Blood) and there are human bones and bright red blood smears ALL OVER, with no bodies, and absolutely no indication that anyone has been there within the past few hundred years.
  • This is done quite often in the FEAR series, especially in the first game's two expansion packs. There's a lot of blood even if there are no corpses nearby. Interestingly, in the morgue level, you find the whole level filled with blood, but after a nightmare scene, you return to the morgue again and all the blood has mysteriosly disappeared.
  • In Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines one level is on a ship where the crew was slaughtered by an ancient vampire. The sheer amount of blood (and the locations of the bloodstains) makes you think that said murderer butchered a whole herd of cows with his bare arms.
  • In the Nightside books, Razor Eddie, 'Punk God of the Straight Razor', once left behind an entire warehouse soaked with blood up to the ceiling but eerily devoid of corpses.
  • In the Half-Life tutorial level, there is a part where the player is required to take falling damage by dropping the equivalent of several stories onto a cement target. The target has pools of blood on it, even though any real facility would clean such stains up before letting the next tester into the room.
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