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Ridiculously Long-distance Travel
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You are playing a train level where you must defeat every [[Mook mook]] on the said train. While you defeat said mooks, you reached to the boss (or final boss) and must take him out. After you defeat the boss, the train is about to crash towards a dead end, only to be saved the last minute.

After you find out there are things you need to collect, it took literally 15 minutes because you have to kill all the mooks again but you find a collectible. Then the train hits a tunnel and you remembered it only took ten minutes previously, then the train AGAIN reaches the end of the tunnel after you reached a checkpoint having to fight the [[Big Bad]] boss again.

And thus, what you noticed by design of the creators, is a ridiculously long travel.

The traveling not only exclusive to trains, but also any form of transportation, such as flying, walking, etc. It also appears on video games, but as well as comic books, anime, manga, and western animation.

  • In Mega Man X4, X or Zero has to defeat Slash Beast, who is the boss of a running train. After the long ride on TWO trains on the second half, the train does not reach to a bridge until you fight him.
  • In Gears of War, the final level is this. After defeating a Berserker, shoot up Locust, Reavers, and lambent Wretches, you reach General RAAM, the final boss of the first game. After managing to defeat him, the train reaches the end of the track and Marcus Fenix must detonate the Lightmass bomb to defeat the Locust.

(Examples can be helpful)
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