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Unnecessary army
This when a fictitious state has a standing army despite either having no known enemies or having been at peace a VERY long time
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When world building a military tends to be something all states human or otherwise, magical, technological or otherwise are all given as mater of course. As universal as the need for military may seem however for a lot of fantasy states there really is no good reason why they’d waste the resources on one as many fantasy worlds are totally united under one government and thus have no other states to fight against, or have only a few enemies who they’ve been at peace with for like hundreds of years

The reason the need for a large military seems universal to us is because there are hundreds of nation states on earth not one or two


  • in The Chroniclesof Narnia Prince Caspian the Telmarines still seemed to have a large professional army despite the fact they controlled all of Narnia and believed the native population to be long dead

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