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Jesus Wasn't All Good
Jesus is a lot different from his usual portrayal
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In most media Jesus is portrayed as having been a serious, godly figure or in the very least having been way cool. A divine guy with awesome powers, the way most media tells it Jesus had a moral compass that could not be tainted, to the point of almost being a Purity Sue. This is not that trope.

[[Insert Agreed Upon Trope Name Here]] is when Jesus's personality is given at tweak or two and the do-gooder Son of God undergoes some Alternate Character Interpretation. Instead of being an uncurrputable force for goodness, Jesus is portrayed as being more in touch with his human side, and the human fallings that entails. Perhaps he's not as okay with his status of fame as usually portrayed, perhaps he even experimented with some illegal, mind altering substances. When this trope is in play, Jesus is not perfect and completely capable taking part in less than savory behavior.

A Sister Trope to God Is Evil

Compare Jesus Was Crazy wherein Jesus's vice was that he was bat shit insane, Kung-Fu Jesus, wherein Jesus becomes an Action Hero, and Historical Villain Upgrade.

Contrast Jesus Was Way Cool wherein Jesus is portrayed a chill (occasionally Totally Radical) dude.

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Live-Action TV
  • This is seen in an X-Play skit The Passion of the Christ 2: Judgement Day. Jesus is portrayed as an action hero who slaps around the Apostle Peter, tries to seduce a young woman and cold-bloodedly murders several people. Watch it here.
  • In the Red Dwarf episode Lemons, the crew meet Jesus on a time traveling escapade. He is a small-time con-man who becomes horrified when he finds out about all the killing that will happen in his name. Eventually averted when it turns out to be not the same Jesus.

Newspaper Comics
  • Sean Delonas, a regular cartoonist for The Daily News often depicts Jesus at a seedy bar, smoking cigarettes and muttering morosely. Because this is a New York bar, nobody cares.

Video Games

Religion and Mythology
  • Technically most Alternate Character Interpretations of Jesus's portrayal in The Bible would fall here.
  • In the Madean religion, Jesus is one of the nicer false prophets, but he is still a false prophet who corrupted religion in his efforts to make it easier.
  • According to Islamic teaching, Jesus denied that he is god, but people kept on thinking he is. Islam also teaches that he ascended to heaven before he could die on the cross.

  • In Mac Wellman's play Sincerity Forever, Jesus H. Christ is a black woman with a heavy suitcase. Her monologues are basically castigating the other characters, and are profanity-laced paraphrases of the Sermon On The Mount.
  • In Jesus Christ Superstar, Jesus suffers from self doubt and feels overwhelmed by his responsibilities.

Western Animation
  • Family Guy:
    • In Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, Future Stewie comments that Jesus' powers were exaggerated a bit. Cut to Jesus doing a silly dance.
    • When Peter discovers Jesus working at a record shop, he's all excited that the Second Coming is here. Jesus downplays the whole thing, but allows Peter to build up his confidence so that he would be ready for the world to accept him. He becomes a celebrity, and eventually gets so caught up in the fame that he spends most of his time partying and playing Call of Duty. It isn't until he finds himself spending a night in jail that he finally sobers up and realizes that neither him or the world is ready for him to return.
    • Another Family guy joke; a Cutaway Gag involving "Black" Jesus.
    Black Jesus: I just rode into town on an ass. (Camera zooms close to his face) Yo momma's ass!
    Chorus: BLACK! JESUS!
  • South Park has a love affair with this trope:
    • In the episode. The Mexican Starring Frog of Sri Lanka Jesus has a call in television show. When he is outdone in ratings by a violent show he listens to his producers and lies for a ratings. And then he sees the error of his way and sends his producers to hell.
    • Another episode has Jesus worried that he'll get crucified in the new millennium, and thus tries getting God to come to Earth and organizing a Rod Stewart come back concert in order to make himself cool. In the end he has to learn that God can't solve his problems for him.
    • Yet another episode had the world disown him and rip off their What Would Jesus Do arm bands because of a drug scandal. The end of the episode shows their was truth in the scandal as Jesus costumes HGH and becomes a hulk-like version of himself. He was also unable to do anything about Belarusian farmers Stan was trying to rally behind being slaughtered by their government, and was implied to not care about the farmers, just what helping them would do for his tarnished image.
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